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Sample Exercise Demonstrations

Sample Exercise Demonstrations

Here are just a few examples of the strength exercise demonstrations offered in our members only library.

 Supine Hip Extension With Leg Lift

    Begin by lying flat on the floor with ball resting under your calves and heels pressed firmly into the ball.

    Squeezing your hamstrings and glutes, raise your hips up off the floor.

    From this raised position, lift your left leg straight upward. This requires some balance so be sure to keep your right heel firmly pressed into the ball.

    Return to start position and repeat and then switch legs.


 Chest Press On Flat Bench

    Begin in a supine position on a flat bench. Protect your back.

    Hold a barbell in both hands with elbows bent, palms facing out with hands at chest level.

    Using your chest muscles, straighten arms and extend them over your chest.

    Return to start position and repeat.


Backward Lunge On Bosu

    Begin by safely standing tall on a BOSU with ball side up, knees slightly bent. Arms are hanging down at your sides.

    Extend your left foot backward off the BOSU about 2-3 feet bending both right and left knees.

    Left foot's heel raises off the ground. Keep your right knee above the ankle (don't extend past toes).

    Return to start position, repeat and switch sides.


Shoulder Rotator

    Begin by standing tall, feet hip-width apart, knees slightly bent.

    Bend elbows and bring upper arms to about parallel to floor with hands in front of waist and palms facing in.

    Keeping upper arms parallel to floor, rotate elbows so that lower arms are up and perpendicular to upper arms with palms now facing out. Try to keep upper arms still.

    Return to start position and repeat.


Abdominal Flexion With Ball

    Begin by lying on the back with the knees bent.

    Extend the arms above the head, holding the ball in both hands.

    Extend the arms, lifting the shoulders off the ground, and the right leg into the air.

    Bring the right foot back to touch the ball.


 Tricep Kickback With Band

    Stand with one leg slightly in front of the other for balance. Bend slightly forward from the torso.

    Grab each end of a resistance band with each hand. Bend the arm that is opposite side of the forward leg back to about a 90-degree angle. Keep your shoulder relaxed and down. This arm's hand is at your waist.

    Place the opposite hand on your bent arm's shoulder. Extend your arm straight back keeping your upper arm parallel to the ground and your armpit closed.

    Return to starting position and repeat. Then perform move on opposite arm.


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